Friday, February 5, 2010

No Cut!

Sawyer HATES getting his hair cut. Too bad the poor kid has my genes and his hair grows fast and boy is it thick!! Jeff LOVES his thick hair. But on Wednesday I was done with the messy mess. So I took the clippers to it. He was ticked but bribery worked great. I let him pick out a treat at Target. He was in heaven. He even posed for a picture. He is such a fire cracker.


cari said...

Sam likes Porter's hair long right now and I hate it!!! GOod job Sawyer on holding out for the bribe!! =)Tell mommy I think that BIG smile should get you another treat!

Karilyn Carreon said...

Handsome Boy! Yeah, Jack and Wes HATE it when it comes time for me to cut their hair, so we try to get them in a position where they can see the tv and that usually helps!

The Four on Board said...

mmmm will you cut stetsons hair? or teach me? i dont know a thing about clippers! good job!