Tuesday, February 9, 2010

whats in a name

We have been really working on Noah's writing lately, we told him if he worked on his name writing and got really good we would let him pick out a new Star Wars guy. He worked really hard and has really improved. He picked out a droid at Target. And yes I bribe my children it works for me right now. I make them earn it though and Noah would tell you that his hand still hurts from the 30+ valentines he had to sign! =)

Rainy days + 3 boys= a long day. In my own opinion we have had FAR too many rainy days around here. I swear I could only live in a place with snow if I had a huge basement bc one more rainy day and I
will be buying a trampoline and putting it in the garage. Well there is an idea.


Darci said...

Way to go Noah. I can understand the bribing thing sometimes it is the only thing that works. I hear you on the rain thing even though I love the rain it sucks with kids that need to be active.

karin said...

Is it bribing if they earn it? Then does that mean employers bribe employees to work with money and other things?

I think his name looks great. Austin has started writing his name (and everyone else's), I love it.

I want a huge basement and a trampoline.

Unknown said...

Tell Noah we think he is doing an
awesome job on learning to write his name. Abby your doing a good
job too! It's hard to keep it together when you feel like you have cabin fever.

xoxoxoxoxlove mom

Aaron Shaw said...

That sounds like such an awesome idea!!! PS tell Noah I like his droid. and good job bribing your children, they will just learn to work for the things they want. Its not bribery its work ethics educational time!!!