Thursday, February 11, 2010

Will U Be Mine??

Third annual Vday party with the kids. It is crazy, three years ago our group was about 12 kids. Look how little they were!! Fast forward threee years later and we had 25+ (and we were missing a lot) It is so crazy. I always STRESS way too much. And today when Jeff asked how it went I gave him a run down of all the things I thought could have been better. When he finally stopped me and said but did the boys have fun. And yes they DID!! Thats all that matters, who cares if it was chaos at moments. They had FUN. I love love love my friends. I am so lucky seriously who has a group of 12+ women who are all ROCKSTARS and I get to sit around and chat. AND that is ALL that matters!! Easter Egg hunt anyone??


karin said...

I will have to call you and get a run down of another fun thing I missed. I am glad you posted that photo from 3 years ago, they were so little then.

The Four on Board said...

You are SO great at get togethers and parties!!!