Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disney Date!

This picture is how Noah poses for all pictures I have to remind him to open his eyes and then some how he opens his mouth. What a fun little guy!

I have been wanting to get back to Disneyland while it was all decorated. Jody offered to take Sawyer on Thursday and Noah and I headed to Disneyland on Thursday for a little day date. It was crazy crowded with all the people who were about to be blacked out but we still managed to go on It's a Small World and Pirates. We met up with Gavin and Lisa. Gavin was celebrating his 4th Birthday, they were nice enough to hang out with us for our two rides. Gavin was so cute he is usually so shy but he was just giddy with excitement! Ryder was a little freaked out by all the stuff and definitely had a little sensory overload. We had a great time, it was freezing so we grabbed some hot chocolate on our way out. Oh how I love hot chocolate. I refused to wait at the huge line at the carnation place but the little cart produced some great hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate. It was a great afternoon. Thanks Jody for keeping Sawyer!


Aubrey Leong said... guys are always at Disneyland! I am jealous! Way to take advantage of the Southern California perks :)

karin said...

I am JEALOUS. I wanted to go on Thursday. Noah takes great photos for me, I don't know what is wrong with when you take them.

Darci said...

Those are great pictures Abby. Love them all but especially the one of you and Noah! DLand is really a great place to be it always makes us happy. The picture of Noah and Gavin is such a keeper!

Unknown said...

How fun! Always fun to have a Disney date!

Katie Anderson said...

How fun! It's so fun to have dates!