Friday, December 26, 2008

Four Christmases!

Really our life is loosely based on The movie Four Christmas's. You already saw Christmas one so here is two three and four. We had a great few days. It is always nice to get together and be with everyone and share in this wonderful time a year. We are so blessed to live close to all our family and be able to enjoy them all. We hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and that all is well with your families!!

Christmas Eve was spent with the Trapp's. Like every year we do the German Christmas and open presents on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful dinner that Aunt Linda made. The boys had a great time plaing with boomer and their cousins. The boys were again spoiled as where Jeff and I. We love spending time with everyone.

Christmas morning was great. We spent that here at the house together our little family. The boys were so excited and their cute little faces were priceless. Noah got his much sought after game boy!!! It was a hit and we all got to shower and get ready in peace.

We next headed out to Temecula to spend Christmas day with my family. We had fun lounging and enjoying games and playing with all our new toys. My mom made the boys some cute aprons. Noah already wore his this morning while we made breakfast. We had a very Merry Christmas.

Today I got up early and met Missy at Target and Michaels we had a great time shopping for Christmas stuff. I got the things on my list and now can't wait to put the stuff up next year. Oh and thanks Missy 1. for the introduction to peppermint hot chocolate...yummm....and 2. Telling me about the online sale at Crate and Barrel. We will definitly be holding a little adult party with our cute stuff next year!!
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Ryan and Missy- said...

You're welcome! I wanna know what you got at C&B!!

Bethany said...

hey - what sales? please share! Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Darci said...

The boys look so cute on Christmas morning. I can't wait to hear about all the loot that you got.

karin said...

I am tired see all the photos from your many Christmases. We had ours spaced out over a few weeks and I am still a little tired or maybe it is that we have been staying up until after midnight playing games for the past few nights.

cari said...

Hello? Aren't you supposed to pass this cool little tidbits onto me? Do we need to go over this again, or what??