Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful still.....

Funny story....we took these pictures last night goofing around. Noah brought in a whole thing of ice cream, and two spoons one for him and Sawyer. I think they were shocked that we let them eat out of the carton....we are fun. Or atleast they thought so.

I thought this was so fun in November I am really going to try and do it every Thursday. Really it is more for me than anything but after the poor me day I had yesterday, today I need this. And since on this blog I have always given my faithful readers the good bad and the ugly why would I stop now.

I am a complainer.....I always have been I am not proud of it and at times I am better about it but not yesterday. Not even close. My mom dealt many years with this (poor thing)and now poor Jeff has to endure it forever. Really I think I may get him a metal for Christmas. Part of my complaining comes from my lack of organizing.....I know you are thinking didn't she just do this in June? And yes but having a newborn and doing nothing really makes for a once again horrible unorganized mess. Really I may ask for a dumpster for Christmas. But it is so bad I really have no clue where to start. So I blog?? Really I am ridiculous. So there you have it I am crazy...but don't you dare call me that and I better get to cleaning so maybe I can stop complaining. So there is the good bad and the now for the good stuff.

I am THANKFUL that Jeff takes his test today. I hope he does well I am sure he will but I know he is beyond stressed about it.

I am THANKFUL for the park we have gone twice this week and I love that my kids have so much fun there. Giving me a break to chat it up with my friends.

I am THANKFUL to my mom and Aaron they helped me make my stockings and I just love them and love looking at them each day.

I am THANKFUL for the season of Christmas. I love this time of year. I am trying to teach my boys the importance of this season. Noah and were talking about how it is Jesus's birthday and Noah asked if we were going to have cupcakes so it looks like we will start a new tradition of cupcakes for Jesus.

I am THANKFUL for ADVIL I have been getting some really gnarly headaches and it is the only thing that helps me get rid of them.

I am THANKFUL for a good nights rest. Last night I broke down and put Ryder on his belly and I got a great night sleep (except for the bad headache this morning) But I hope he will sleep on his belly every night. He is getting to big to sleep in his carseat.

So it is good to have a reminder for myself especially after a not so fun day. Here is to a better day....oh and I have my first pack meeting tonight as part of my new calling....Cubscout Chairman....I KNOW.....we will see how it goes...remember I am not complaining today atleast.


Unknown said...

Abbie I love your posts! I appriciate your honesty...Hope you have a better day today!

Wells Family said...

Noah is such a cute little boy. I can't believe how big sawyer is getting. please call me when you come in to Temecula, I would love to see you boys and little Ryder. Oh being a mom is probably the scariest rollercoaster EVER! No man would ever get on our lives as a mom have soooo many ups and downs and twist and loops, not to mention all the bending over backs we do to TRY to keep the peace, love and spirit in our home. Being a mom is exausting, but the best job in the world. We have the ups and downs, and just remember on the bad days that it will pass, and you are instore for a great one.

Darci said...

Don't worry you lasted a LOT longer then I did with the whole tummy sleeping. I lasted 2 weeks of Gwenie screaming her head off and me being a crazy no sleep women that I finally listened to my mom and put her on her tummy and she started to sleep, Hallelujah!!!! I swear my mom knows everything, she needs to write a book. hehe.

karin said...

I am thankful you are still doing your thankful thursdays. I LOVE that you let them have ice cream out of the container in their room no less. My boys think it is great when they get to eat popcorn on a towel in front of the TV. Kids are so easy to please (most of the time). Yeah! Ryder slept well. There is only so months you can go without sleep.

Hancocks said...

Love that you're doing thankful thursdays- great idea. And I love how the boys got to eat ice cream out of the carton. That is hilarious. I'm sure my girls' chins would drop if I let them do that- how fun!

Bethany said...

I am greatful for the park also - I love hearing your stories. And I do NOT think you're crazy!! Sad I missed walking today but I did get my house picked up in time. I want to go next time!