Thursday, May 13, 2010

what it's all about

Wednesday Noah's WONDERFUL preschool teachers put on a Mothers Day lunch. It was such a treat to be there. Mrs. Sims read the cutest poem about being a mother and how precious the time is when they are young. I loved totally made me cry (thank goodness for sunglasses)
I have loved Noah's school he has been so happy there.

I was lucky to catch a picture with him. Ryder had so much fun playing with Mrs. Sims grandson Graham. They are a month apart it was so cute to listen to them talk to eachother.

Noah's friend Hayden and her mom Katie......

Singing songs.......

Posing with his tulip he made.

So fun I can't wait until next years year it will be Sawyer!

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Kelly said...

. . . and Brody! I am sure he is going to love too. He can't stop taking about his school. Very cute pictures :)