Wednesday, May 19, 2010


These two together spell TROUBLE! The tag team efforts have began. Between the two of them one is always up to something naughty. They hear the word NAUGHTY a few times a day. Lucky for them they are CUTE.

Earlier this week I accidentally left an UN opened box of fruit snacks on the counter, when I woke up the had eaten 10 packages of fruit snacks. Noah swears he only had one, but they all had a very very sugar high of a day!

Sawyer and Ryder are now roommates and on a regular basis when we go to check on them before we go to bed we find Sawyer in Ryder's crib. I guess he misses his old bed.

One of our drawers in the kitchen is missing a child lock......I found Ryder inside the drawer digging through my purse that was on the counter he scored he found a granola bar. I swear I feed them. Ryder and Sawyer are at the stage where all they want to do is snack instead of eat meals. It is a LONG time in between meals when they ask for snacks EVERY two seconds.

These two definitely keep me on my toes. There really is never a dull moment. It is cute to see the way they protect and care for each other!
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