Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cookies and Milk baby Shower

My friend Karin is about to have baby boy of course I have to plan a party!!
I saw this great idea on a blog for a cookies and milk shower.....I can't remember where but it provided tons of inspiration.

Here is Karin.....we like to tease her that she could definitely go a few more months she barely looks pregnant......although I am sure she would beg to differ. The set-up.......
Thanks Lisa and Katie for making cookies and Shaylyn for bringing watermelon and milk! I was so happy with how it turned was a super simple and low key night. I loved the brown and white!

I have had my eye on these canisters FOREVER. I was so excited to have an excuse to buy them they will be used MANY more times!!

It was such a fun night with girlfriends. It was nice to sit around and talk for HOURS.....we were up until 1:30am seriously I haven't sat up and talked like that in a LONG time.
Congrats Karin and thanks for having a baby so I can throw a party!! Can't wait to meet him!!


Larsens said...

Just seeing the pictures of those cookies made me hungry for them again! I love cute and simple(:

Kelly said...

1:30!! I guess I am a party pooper and I got home just before 11! I had more important thing to attend to though ;) You did a great job with the shower, It was very cute!