Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lego Land

A few weeks ago we headed to Lego Land. It was a perfectday with perfect weather and not too many crowds.
Sawyer had fun climbing all over the Bionicles while we waited for Noah and Jeff to get off some big kid rides! Noah and Jeff were having fun on the scrambler....

The boys loved the giant slide I think Jeff and I took turns taking them on it like 5 times.

The fireman ride.....really not a ride more of a torture device. The boys are so not ready to be firemen.

Ryder was exhausted.......

They love the lego cars. Noah can't wait until he is big enough for the big kid cars.

It was an awesome day, the boys absolutely love Lego Land and ask to go almost every weekend. It is such a great boy place. We have so much fun when we go!

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