Saturday, May 29, 2010


Noah and Sawyer started swim lessons this week. Bethany does such a
great job with them. Sawyer started out the week floating.
But finally by Friday I think it finally clicked.
He was so funny in the car telling me all about the things Bethany tells him to do.
His favorite is 123 pull.

I got absolutely no pictures of Noah he was such a fish. I can't believe how much he has learned his favorite thing is to go under and dive for stuff. It was a great week. Especially for the kids who LOVED playing with there friends every day at the pool. We are really looking forward to a summer by the pool. Thanks Bethany for helping to give me a little peace of mind!
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Bethany said...

Oh, I'm not done with them yet! They didn't have all their lessons. You can take pictures of Noah next week.