Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day of Disney

We spent the day yesterday at Disneyland with Grammy and Leslie. It was a great day not super crowded or hot. Just right. Except for my little ones. Sawyer and Ryder were something else yesterday.....super clingy and HARD. It was fun but a few times I was about to pack it up and go home. Luckily my mom and Leslie were there and very helpful.

We went to California Adventure first......Toy story was especially fun with extra hands I actually got to play this time!
While everyone was on California Soarin I took Sawyer to take a picture with Lightining McQueen.
He was thrilled.

Sunny and bright on It's a Small World.

The only ride Ryder begged to go on.....he LOVES the Merry Go Round!!!

After work Grampy and Jeff met up with us. We went to Pizza Port for dinner and then on a few more rides.

US waiting for BUZZ

We booked it out of the park before fireworks were over and barely made it to the tram before these two crashed........

Ryder was in a sucker coma. We had a GREAT day. I can't remember the last time I was at Disneyland ALL day. It was so fun! So glad that Grammy, Grampy and Leslie have passes again!!!


Wells Family said...

cute pics! Abby you look AMAZING!!! You are one hot mama!

karin said...

Isaac loves the merry-go-round too, my other boys didn't. We are going next week and I can hardly wait. It has been like 3 weeks since I went last. I am going into withdrawls.

shanda said...

O mys gosh you sister is so grown up

Larsens said...

It must be the age because Ashelyn begs to go on the merry go round. Hope your feeling better.