Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is that you Sandy Claus???


Last night for family night we took the boys to the mall to visit Santa. Last year Jeff and I had to be in the picture because the boys would have none of it, not this year the were excited. Ryder was saying cheese the whole time in line. Sawyer told Santa that he wanted Santa for Christmas and then he told him he wanted a Buzz scooter.

Noah told Santa that he wanted hotwheels since last year he asked for hotwheels but got a game boy instead....I know poor baby but he is convinced that Santa forgot. And wants hotwheels. Santa better get it right this year!

It is such a wonderful time of year, I love the focus on the Savior and this wonderful season of happiness and joy. We spent the weekend down in Temecula with my family. It was so wonderful! The Rath's baby Anderson was blessed, there is something about a newborn baby this time of year!!

We hope you are taking a moment and enjoying the season!!!
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Unknown said...

Grammy wants a copy of this cute picture. I have the most handsome grandsons ever. xoxoxox