Saturday, December 12, 2009



It has been rainy week. I used to love everything about the rain, now that I have kids not so much. I love listening to it I love the cozy days but after a few days cooped up we go a little nutty around here.

Sawyer discovered Noah's old rain boots. He has been wearing them non stop since Monday. He is such a cutie. He is hilarious and says the absolute funniest things.

Warning I may be that mom walking around in 80 degree wearher with a child in boots, because I can't fight him on clothers, just like the other day when we showed up at preschool in a batman costume. Oh how I love that kid!
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karin said...

LOVE it, especially with the jammies.

Lisa said...

How cute! His smile is the best.

Unknown said...

Runs in the family. Remember when Michael was almost 3 and he wore
cowboy boots and shorts EVERYWHERE!
Sawyer is a riot. Boy, do we love him.xoxoxoxo Mom and Dad