Monday, December 21, 2009

We love the Weekends!!

This weekend we were busy busy. Just the way I like it!!! On Saturday we got up bright and early and went to our ward Christmas party. We didn't last long. We had told the boys we were going to go to Sea World so they were ready so we left rather quick.

We had a great time. I got a wonderful new camera which I still need a major lesson. Because basiclly almost all the pictures I shoot in manual are coming out blurry. I need some practicing!! So here are a few that were slightly spared.


The highlight of Sea World was finally getting the chance to feed the dolphins. I do not know who was more excited Jeff or the boys!! It made there whole day!!


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After Sea World we stopped at the San Diego Temple to see the lights. It was so pretty! The boys loved it.



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Last night we celebrated Christmas here with Jeff's mom and family. It was craziness. And sadly every picture I took was blurry. Which makes me so sad. I guess I will be shooting in Auto until I get the hang of this!!

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Courtney N said...

The temple looks so pretty with all the lights! That's a great picture!