Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do You Fondue??

WE do!!!

We were supposed to do a shower for Darci last month but baby P decided to crash the party and be born instead. So this week we finally got together to celebrate Darci and her new baby Girl. A small group of us got together and tried out fondue! It was a fun group and it was super fun change to our usual loud restraunt get togethers. Not to mention LOTS of chocolate!! Thanks girls for a fun night!! I love a chance to party. Congratulations Darci!!


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karin said...

That was such a fun night. Glad we were able to celebrate with Darci there, so we could actually hear each other.

When are we doing that again? Do we have to have an excuse? How about because it is Tuesday?

Courtney N said...

I LOVE fondue!! The Melting Pot is the best... expensive... but really good!

Darci said...

We all look good! I am glad since I was nervous that I would look hideous. It was a great time thanks for organizing it. You need to try it at Melting Pot I think there chocolate is much better.

Unknown said...

Ooooh, looks like I missed out! Glad y'all had fun!!