Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lemon Festival

On Friday I went with Jody and Patrice up to Santa Barbara, I didn't know if we were going to make it, Friday morning Ryder had a high fever, luckily Jeff was able to leave a little bit early and take care of him, he got shots the day before and had a slight reaction. Lucky for Jeff he was pretty mellow all day!

First stop was lunch of course.......the desserts were the best part! When we got to the restraunt we realized Patrice's camera was dead, and I left the memomry card in the lap top. Luckily I got a few pictures on my phone, I need to get copies from Jody and Patrice.

On our way....Patrice was a great driver!

Friday we did our favorite thing lots of shopping!!! The outlets where a little dissapointing this was too hot!!!!! Luckily once we got to Santa Barbara we were able to do some cooler shopping. We went to this yummy place for Italian dinner. They have the best pasta with chicken and white sauce artichoke hearts...mmmm it is making me hungry just thinking about it.
The sad thing about SB is there is a lot of homeless people, this year especially with the economy. There were so many young kids, it is heart wrenching to see. It really humbles you. Jody and Patrice had a great idea of making a few bags of food to give to people we saw on the beach. The people we gave them to were so grateful, it was a great experience, something I will never forget. I am glad Jody and Patrice are such good examples!
We head to Santa Barbara for the lemon festival....again this is the only picture I got there but it was so fun to look at the different booths and have delicious lemon ice cream!

Our drive back is so beautiful!!!

It was so nice to go away and get a little break with the girls. Jeff took great care of the boys and I think they all hardly noticed I was gone. That's how great of a dad Jeff is!! Thanks everyone it was so fun!!


Whitmore Family said...

Lemon festival? That sounds so fun. I need to go to SB sometime.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun time!!!
Helping the homeless is wonderful! Good Job!

Hancocks said...

Girls trips rock! Sure don't get enough of them! It looks like you guys had a blast!