Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is what falling off the wagon looks like....

Yep he has a paci in his mouth. And ask me if I care. Because this morning I totally don't. Sawyer for the past few weeks has been getting up 3-6 times a night. He is screaming waking up the entire house trying to turn the tv on blah blah blah.
On most nights poor Jeff deals with him. But last night he came to my side of the bed. After the fourth time I couldn't go back to sleep....but I will say it was nice to just sit and listen to the rain.....SO calming.

He was the first one up this morning and he will hardly take a nap even though he needs one to get through the day. So when he found his old paci this morning Jeff told him we didn't care. And he has had it all morning.....if it helps him sleep he can have until 12 for all I care. We will see how the night goes. He has always missed the paci....he sees babies with one and just wants to steal....sorry to my friends with babies. But now he has his own. I think Jeff wants sleep, I can't function with out it. And he is solo this weekend so hey why not. Mom and Dad don't judge me I KNOW you hate the paci, but I am all about making life easier. Even if he does look like a four year....with a paci.....Oh and while we are on the subject of my stellar parenting....I gave up potty training. So my kid will be the one with a paci and a diaper in kindergarten. (Really I am hoping to try all of these things once he is three) I feel like he got robbed of being a baby because he was a big brother so young.

And ps.... I know I will regret this later that is why I am posting this now so I will remember it was an act of desperation.

And this is for you Patrice.....the boys had fun putting these on the windows...and kept saying that they love there Aunt Trice.....Thanks for the Halloween fun!!


Darci said...

You poor thing....the sleep thing is just crazy. Gwen did that for a couple of weeks but then I locked her in her room and let her cry it out since I was DONE and she did finally give up trying to come out. Good luck.

karin said...

I think you are a great mom and you know what your kids need. And "giving up" on something that isn't working for your kids doesn't make you a bad parent.