Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Day at Disneyland........

On Wednesday Jody and I took the boys to go and meet Aunt Heidi and her gang for a fun afternoon at Disneyland. Oh how I LOVE Disneyland in the fall. (Seriously I could do a whole post about it....but I won't)

It was so great to spend the afternoon with them the boys just LOVED having someone to play with and Noah was especially happy to go on all the big kid rides with Jessica. I got to go on Space Mountain with Noah which was a nice treat. Disneyland is all decked out for Halloween they even decorated Space Mountain. I wasn't really a fan. I was hoping it would be Disney cute and scary but I felt like they were trying to be like Knotts Scary Farm. I thought they should have at least put some scary music or something.

Jessica and the boys on the tea cups! They LOVE the tea cups.

Behind Big Thunder Railroad. There is the cutest area with pumpkins and such cute Halloween decorations. Taylee and Sawyer (Sawyer was refusing to cooperate for pictures!)

Ryder was sooo excited to get his own seat on It's a Small World. He LOVED it!!

Sawyer is obsessed with Toy Story!! So he was so excited to see Woody. He was running after him because he was trying to leave so I snapped a quick picture. Sawyer was thrilled.

Taylee with the pumpkin people....

Ryder and I attempting a picture on It's a Small World

Jeff met us after work and got to have some dinner with us and go on a few rides. We stayed until fireworks....which from what we saw looked like a great show. But Disney must be scaling back because the show was only 11 minutes instead of the usual 20.

Thanks Heidi and Grandma Jody for a great afternoon it was so nice to see everyone.

I had to include these bath photos of Ryder.....I realized he almost never gets a bath by himself!

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Heidi Pyle said...

Thanks for sharing the day with us. We don't get to see you and the boys enough. Sawyer was so sweet. Disneyland really is "the happiest place on earth".