Monday, February 16, 2009

Spreading the LOVE......

I just had to throw in this wedding picture....I can't believe that this was six years ago. I am so lucky!

Anyway we had a pretty perfect Valentines day around here. The morning started out with us giving the boys each a little gift. They got some sticker books and a transformer tent. They are in heaven with that silly tent I got on sale for 5 dollars at Target. Jeff and I had agreed that my phone (which I am in LOVE with) was my Valentine/birthday present. So I was really surprised when Jeff gave me an adorable brighton bracelet. I love Brighton jewelry and Jeff totally picked out something perfect. After that we spent some time together we took the boys to Toys R Us they had each gotten some money from Grandparents so we thoughtit would be fun to let them pick out their own toy. Noah chose an Indiana Jones Whip and Sawyer chose a Helicopter from Cars. They are so happy with their new goods.

Jeff and I got to go out for an early afternoon date. We went and saw He's Just not That Into You. I really liked it. I never really make Jeff go and see girly movies because I feel bad the whole time EXCEPT on Valentines Day. There were some things in the movie that bugged me....but like I said I was so excited that I thought it was good and it gave Jeff and I a lot to talk about different scenarios of life and situations.
(this picture is blurry and I look drunk.....but at least we documented it right!)
After the movie we had a reservation at Outback....Well they messed up our reservation, screwed up our Salads three times and ran out of bake potatoes and it was only 7 in the evening. I was SO annoyed...and yes they will be getting a call today about their horrible service. BUT my steak was great (would have been better with a baked potato.) All in all it was fun to spend a few hours with Jeff all alone. Thanks honey for a great LOVE day and thanks Jody and Rich for watching the boys for us!!


Darci said...

What a great date. I still cannot get Brett to see a chick flick with me, so I am jealous. Even though the pictures is blurry, you look gorgeous!

Aaron Shaw said...

Hey thanks for the birthday call!!! Glad you had a good Valentines Day!
Love you guys!

The Four on Board said...

Thanks for the long comment. I loved it! i rarely get comments so I enjoyed it! leave more!
dont worry about the recommendation you were NOT the only one. I am very sensitive when it comes to that subject so its just a personal thing. It wasnt you I was referencing at all. Yeah outback...WHATEVER . We wont be going there again anytime soon. Fun that we did the SAME exact things on V day :) oh..and get this. Troy begs me to see chick flicks! Crazy!!! I REALLY wanted to see Friday the 13th.oh yeah i told you that. We are so opposite!

Bethany said...

You looked beautiful on your wedding day! Love the hair and the dress and the flowers!

Hancocks said...

Congrats on 6 years- super cute wedding photo! Glad you were able to have a hot date on Valentines too. I really want to see that movie!