Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have spent WAY too much time playing on my phone.

Soy formula smells HORRID.....BUT my baby takes naps during the day.

Meeting my husband for lunch is WONDERFUL even if my kids are embarassing.

The Wii Fit Trainer is BOSSY.

I passed up Sprinkles today and now I regret it.

I love emails they make my day.

I love Caliornia weather.

There are like five girly movies in the theater that I want to see.

I love to blog even if almost everyone I know mocks know who you are.

I love valentines day any holiday that celebrates red and pink means I am a fan.

I need to loose 20 pounds.

When I die I am going to ask why all the foods that are bad for you taste so good and why the good stuff tastes like grass.

I miss Dr. Pepper I crave and dream about it. I better loose weight.

I love Hollywood week.

I love the Bachelor....and I make Jeff watch with me..and yes he reminds me that I am taking away his man hood.

I LOVE headbands....I have a new obsession I have found tons on etsy and would like to recreate them.

Noah has an attitude problem.

Sawyer has a whining problem.

Jeff loves me.

I love them ALL!!!!!


Aaron Shaw said...

How do you know what grass tastes like???

The Four on Board said...

i love this post! i LOVE that you blog! and i am SO like least by reading this post i feel that way!

Wells Family said...

Soy formula stinks as a powder, in the bottle, their burps, toots, and poop is the worst! Wyatt has been on the soy since 1 months. I still can't believe I haven't seen Ryder or you since he was born. Hopefully soon.

Cardon Family said...

ha...i love it!

Holli said...

your so funny i like your randomness :)

Bethany said...

what's etsy? a website? I like headbands too - i want to see them. missed you at the park!!

Katie Anderson said...

Loved it all!! It made me laugh:)

Tiersha said...

Love it!!!

Charise said...

One of my all time favorite posts!
Yes, I am behind in reading. I feel like I missed the whole month of February! Crazy!!
Miss you, love you, see you soon!