Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday my Love!!!!

Tomorrow is Jeff's 26th Birthday!!! Poor thing he was sick today, and I am on bed rest so really I don't know how great his day will be but....I just wanted to wish him a very happy day and I hope it isn't a total bust. Because I have a lot of time on my hands these days here is twenty six things I love about my Jeffrey.....
(in no particular order:)
1. He is the best Dad and his boys just LOVE him.
2. He is funny...well Chandler funny but I like it.
3. He is such a hard worker.
4. He loves the gospel and always includes it in our family life.
5. He is patient not only with the boys but with me.
6. He tries to get the door for me whenever he can...a little harder with kids but I still appreciate it.
7. When he is home he changes most of the diapers.
8. He treats me like a princess.
9. He lets me rant and rave.
10. He is calm
11. He plays games with me
12. He is a big kid and loves to play with his boys.
13. He always kisses me first before the boys when he gets home.
14. He compliments me everyday
15. Even on a bad day he makes me feel like I am doing a good job.
16. He spoils me, with whatever I want
17. He always writes long notes in cards because he knows I LOVE it.
18. He gets my sense of humor.
19. He brings me water every night.
20. He makes me feel safe.
21. He says he can't sleep without me.
22. He kisses my head before he goes to sleep.
23. He strokes my hair when I start snoring to loud...especially when I am prego.
24. He offers to give me back rubs.
25. He tells me I am cute when I cry.
26. He puts up with me...and still loves me even when I am hormonal/crazy.
Really I could go on and on....but since he is twenty six we will stick with that. Really I am a lucky girl and I am glad that he puts up with me. I hope that you have a great day Jeff and I hope that this year brings you all your birthday wishes. We love you!!!


Lisa said...

how pathetic am i? i totally teared up reading your 26 things.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!
You are a very good husband and father, and that comes from your
crazy mother-in-law, so you must be really great. Hope your B-days
all you hope for and more.

Marc and Shay said...

I agree with Lisa - that's awesome Abby. I love that you called him "my love" - we are just a bunch of saps!!! Happy birthday Jeff!

Darci said...

I love that Brett plays games with me, too. Isn't it great when husbands will do that? It is a great list, he is a great guy.

karin said...

AAHH! Aren't you sentimental these days!? I thought we talked about things that I can watch/read right now- good thing Bryan isn't here to make fun of me.

Aaron Shaw said...

HAPPY Birthday Jeff! Hope you live it up. You have an awesome family. You're a great guy and I'm glad my sister loves you so much. Best birthday wishes!

Courtney N said...

Haha I love how you said he is "Chandler funny"! Seriously Jeff is an awesome guy!

Tiersha said...

Wow I didn't realize what a romantic Jeff is. I have to agree with it all...he's a great guy! Happy Birthday!!!