Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy Day!!!!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL OUR DAD'S, GRANDPA'S AND MANY MANY UNCLES!!! I am so lucky to have SO many wonderful men who have always been so good to me and my boys. I hope you all got to celebrate today in a happy way!!!

Our day started out with me and the boys making cinnamon rolls for Jeff, with early church....breakfast had to be fast and it was not served in bed. But maybe next year. We had a great day at church there were some really great talks on fathers...or atleast what I heard of them.

After church my parents came over and we went on a little picnic to the park. All my siblings are in Utah, so it was nice to celebrate with just my Dad. Being that I am the favorite child and all it was nice to have him all to myself =). It was a nice lunch and it was fun to watch the boys run around and play...even though it was a little am I going to survive two more months...I was so hot and I was barely chasing kids.

After Lunch we went to Jeff's Dad's house to celebrate with him. The boys loved playing with boomer....I am coming to the realzation that boys do need a dog, maybe someday, for now they will have to settle for another brother.

Jeff as always was a good sport and went along with all the events of the day I think he would have been happy to just relax especially after how much work he did yesterday. He did manage to get in some golf watching and of course the Laker game!! Jeff is such an amazing Dad....I know I don't always give him enough credit but really he works so hard and I appreciate all he does to make it possible for me to stay at home with our babies!! He is such a good teacher to the boys, they learn so much from him. I am so grateful that he is such a GREAT dad!! I love you Jeff and I hope you had a great day!!!


Darci said...

Gweniveve really missed playing with Sawyer yesterday!!! We can't wait for the butterflies!!

karin said...

AHHH! You are so sweet and great to make a lunch and go to dinner- I will have to tell you later what we did for dinner (I don't want it written down forever).

Aaron Shaw said...

Well that all sounds great. Hey favorite one maybe you could convince mom and dad to share the wealth and come visit me with lots of presents!!!