Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So our disney passes have expired for the summer....we knew that Monday would be the last chance to use them for awhile. So we decided to meet my parents there in the evening after Jeff got off of work. It had been a very long day and I really did not want to go, but once we got there we had a good time. Of course being that our passes were about to expire everyone in So-Cal had the same idea. We went on very few rides but Noah loved it. Sawyer all of a sudden was not happy with rides....he even cried on the tram on the way into the park. But it was a great way to spend family night!!! Oh and on a side mommy note....Noah went to Disneyland the whole night in underwear!!! So we are getting it SLOWLY!!


karin said...

YEAH NOAH! I was reminded why we don't go to Disneyland when everyone else is there too. But the fireworks were good. I am a little surprised we didn't see you (or should I say Jeff and Noah) when we passed by Matterhorn.

Darci said...

I am sad that I will have a pass when all of you guys will not, what will I do??? congrats to Noah.

What no butterfly pics???

Aaron Shaw said...

I wanna go to Disneyland! I still haven't been since they redid space mountain. Boo! Your kids are cute. I wish I had a wife so we could make them some cousins!!!