Sunday, December 5, 2010


On Thursday Jeff took a half day off work and we headed to the Happiest Place on Earth. I really wanted to go see all the decorations when it wasn't super crowded. Especially since we will not be renewing our passes next year so I wanted to soak it all up. It was a PERFECT day!!! It wasn't crowded and the boys got to go on all the rides they wanted.
Sitting by themselves on It's a Small World......they love it. Especially since it was all Jingle Bells.
This is poor Ryder's ear.......he fell the day before outside. It looks even worse now poor guy......

My main request was It's a Small World all lit absolute favorite!

Being silly while waiting in line.......

Ryder is such a good sport especially when the rest go on the big kid rides. While they were on Space Mountain Ryder and I sat behind the Star Wars show. Ryder LOVES Star Wars and was especially excited when Darth Vadar and a Storm Trooper came over and talked to him.

I rarely ever take my big camera to Disneyland......but I have been neglecting taking pictures lately but that is what makes me happy so I am resolving to return to my paparazzi ways!!!

We had a fabulous day! We are so looking forward too all the fun Holiday Traditions!!!

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