Friday, December 17, 2010

24 Weeks.......

(lame picture I know....)
It's hard for me to believe that I am over half way done with this pregnancy. It's gone by faster than I thought. I am feeling pretty good these days.....seriously if every day could be like the second trimester than I would stay pregnant forever!!! Although I am still seriously lacking the energy to keep up with the craziness of three boys plus the holidays!!

I feel huge!!! Thank goodness leggings and boots are in because it is seriously ALL I wear!!

This little guy moves a TON! Especially if there is music playing. A new thing is every morning around 6:15 he starts moving like a mad man. Which is fine because that is when the other boys start stirring.....he already wants to be apart of the action.

Being pregnant with #4 has forced me to let go of a lot of is just too busy. My house is never going to stay as clean as I would like, my boys my not always have the perfect spikes in there hair and most weekdays I may not have clean hair.....I know TMI. But really it is doing some good for me to realize I can't always have control......even though I HATE to admit it!!!!
It's even harder for me to believe that if things go like Ryder's pregnancy this little guy could be here in as little as 10 weeks.....INSANE! The plan is to go on "modified" bed rest at 30 weeks. So far my blood pressure is staying down....(but it always has until about 30 weeks. So we will see)

For journaling sake.....
Last month I had my big 20 week anatomy scan. We found out early on that it was a I wasn't expecting anything different but when I sat down the Dr. immediately said it was a girl.....I was like shut up are you serious......she went on to do all the other things she needed to check for. Then right at the end she got this look on her face and was like "oh no" I immediately thought something was wrong....thankfully everything is fine it is actually a happy healthy BOY. I am not going to lie I was devastated for a few days. Not because it was a boy but I kind of had to mourn the loss of a girl. Hard to explain. But the more and more I think about it a girl really wouldn't fit in here. I mean really the poor thing would be tortured with three big brothers. And I do enjoy being the queen of this all boy castle.

Yes it is crazy....yes they are BUSY but I like the no drama and easy going boys I have. Even if they do run me ragged.


Wells Family said...

You look great!!! Boys are a good thing!

Cardon Family said...

Amen to everything you said!!! I could almost write that same post!!

Courtney N said...

You look fabulous!