Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryder!

Our baby is 2 today!!! So crazy. I can't believe how fast these last two years have flown by. And really I can't imagine a day without him. It hit me yesterday when we were celebrating his Birthday how sad I am he is NOT a baby anymore. It is weird because this is the first time we don't have a newborn when we have a 2 year old. Maybe this will help me to enjoy the craziness of the terrible 2's. Some things about our not so little Ryder.....

*He loves his brothers. Loves to wrestle, cuddle, hit, poke and anything else they will let him get away with. He recently just started saying there names and it is the cutest thing EVER.

*Speaking of talking he is doing a ton of it. Many many new words in the last few weeks. But don't worry if he can't say the word he will just scream at you......he likes to be heard.

*every morning he gets out of bed and asks for a snack....aka fruit snacks. It buys us another 30 minutes or so to sleep in.

*He loves buzz, woody, thomas, and any balls.

*He loves to be outside.

(this picture is a little blurry but I had to showcase his all by myself pose)

*He is Mr. Independent and has to try to do things first otherwise....the scream.

*He is still such a love he LOVES to cuddle. He will still climb up on my lap and fall asleep

*Loves to watch movies

*Is obsessed with babies, he loves to hold them and gets mad if you try and take a baby out of his arms. He loves them so much the big boys tried to buy him baby alive for his birthday.

Happy Birthday Ryder. We love you and are so blessed to have you in our family.


The Four on Board said...

ok that comment about baby alive made me crack up!!!! i love it!!! Happy 2nd Ryder!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ryder!