Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Despite having to go to work on his birthday I think Jeff had a great day.
The boys and I woke him up with breakfast in bed.....his favorite cinnamon rolls....thanks
again Karin! Then he was off to work he celebrated at the office with yummy
Baskin Robbins Mint and Chip Pie.

We finished of the day with Jeff's Birthday dinner at Lucille's.
Jeff chooses Lucille's every year.....I don't get it. Total man food.
I am so not a fan. But hey it wasn't my Birthday. Noah and Jeff
LOVED it. Lucky for them Jeff got a gift card to go back.

Jeff and I after dinner.......

Ryder and Jeff waiting patiently for dinner.........and yes I
use the word patiently loosely.

All smiles after dinner eating suckers!!
We love you Jeff and hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!!
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