Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day for Baby K

The last few weekends have been great. All about family activities.
Last weekend Rob and Shannon baptized our niece Kaitlyn.
The boys love holding baby K any chance they get.
She was a little slippery in her beautiful dress that
was made from Shannon's wedding dress.
Such an awesome idea.

I can't get enough of her either. Any chance I get I snatch her
up. Nothing like holding a baby especially a girl baby!!

Proud parents......

I didn't get a group shot on my camera I will have to steal
one from Jeff's mom and post it. It was nice to be there
with Baby K on her special day.

I was very proud of the boys especially since they
were the only kids there that day. They were very patient
they were rewarded with ice cream for there efforts.

After the Baptism we were sitting outside waiting to say goodbye.
We had a little photo shoot. The boys had fun taking pictures
with my big camera that I NEVER let them touch.

Noah's turn with the camera......Not too bad....

Noah is such a cutie. He is so handsome and tan. I can't believe he is 5!!!


Aaron Shaw said...

I wish I was handsome and Tan like Noah!

Karilyn Carreon said...

The dress club: You, Me Kasey and Heather Osborne all have that same dress from Target!

Darci said...

Love the last picture of you and Jeff!!!