Wednesday, August 4, 2010

San Diego Weekend Part One

We left Thursday afternoon for an extended weekend in San Diego with The Heaton/Trapp crew. First up on the agenda was the Dodger Padres Game. Petco park is such a cool
baseball park. I loved the city all in the background. I seriously LOVE San Diego.
We were completely outfitted for the big game! Thanks to Old Navy and Target. The
boys even got there first dodger hats.
The boys refused to give me a decent group shot!

Grandma Jody spent a lot of time of the phone making sure everything was perfect for our weekend. We were so lucky she called about seating. We were in the nice shade the entire time.

The highlight for Jeff and the boys was the foul ball Jeff caught! The boys were so excited!!!
The boys got a little restless after 2+ hours in the car and then the game. Luckily Ryder and Sawyer conked out on us in the 8th inning. The perfect cat nap.
It was a fun game even the Dodgers lost. It was worth it to check out the park.
I love day games. They are by far my favorite.
Now that we finally got to a baseball game it finally feels like summer!!!
More of our trip to come! But probably not for a few days.....the BIG move is upon us!

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