Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday/Grad party

Saturday night we went to Fuddruckers to celebrate
Papa's Birthday and some of Jeff's cousins who
graduate this year. It was a small group for
The Neilson's but it was nice to sit and chat!!
The whole group.......Jack and Sawyer have a love/hate
relationship. They are always picking on each other.
(as seen above) oh the joys of 3 year olds!

The 3 graduates.........
Jeff's cousin Nicole made the cutest cake with pictures
of them on it. It was almost to pretty to eat!

Jeff with his boy cousins and Uncle Walt. Seriously Jeff got
none of the Neilson genes when it comes to height. Even his
girl cousins are taller than him.

Thanks Aunt Heidi and Aunt Arlene for planning a
great party!! We had a lot of fun!!
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Emmy said...

That IS a small group for the Nielsons! I think I always forget that you two are connected to the two biggest families in Temecula AND Orange County! :) What are the chances!?

Whitmore Family said...

Fuddruckers (sp?) has got to be one of my most fondest childhood memories. I honestly miss going every month to celebrate all the birthdays of the whole month.