Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Day

It's this guys birthday today!!! We all know I love Birthdays....I'll take any reason to celebrate anything. YES I am that mom who makes a BIG deal about everything. But I figure that I only have a short time with my children in my home so hey I will make anything a big deal....I want them to miss me someday! Oh wait back to the birthday tribute if you will.
I like Jeff's birthday because we are finally the same age again. I am three months and 13 days older than him.....(might sound like 3 1/2 months but its not) and he likes to tease me for these three months and 13 days that I am old. So now we are both old!
Happy Birthday to my bestest friend, love of my life, my baby daddy, an awesome provider, our protector.....OUR EVERYTHING!! We love you and hope you have a great Birthday!!!!


Courtney N said...

Happy birthday Jeff!

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! And thank you Abby for watching my kids today so I could be at scout camp!! I didn't realize we were both older than our husbands - I am 3 months and 11 days older than Rob!!

Kelly said...

Great day. . . same birthday as my brother. Hope you had a good one Jeff!

Aaron Shaw said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!