Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

Yesterday Grandma Jody and I took the boys to the Mission Viejo Mall to see the Easter Bunny. They did very well they waited for almost 45 minutes. They were very well behaved. Sawyer was scared to death but Noah held his hand....he was trying so hard to make an escape.

ALSO...I just bought a new book at Costco....It is Dr. Laura's new book called "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms" I am so excited to read it. You better believe there will be a post on it to come!!! I love her books they are always so honest and right to the point and I can't wait to hear the praise for the most selfless job in the world.....I know you want to borrow it when I am done!


Ryan and Missy- said...

Oh my gosh this is so cute. I love Ryder's expression!! I miss your boys!!!

Katie Anderson said...

That picture looks familiar! It's very cute! It was fun running into you at the mall:)

And I want to hear all about the book...very intriguing and it's about time!

Wells Family said...

That is sooo darn cute of all 3 boys!!! I love the carrot that Ryder is chewing on. Too Cute!!!

The Four on Board said...

k how do you get this picture to look so good online??? was this the one that the mall gave you?

Bethany said...

What a nice grandma! Your boys look adorable! I love how Ryder is eating the carrot!
We've never forked over the money to have our kids pics taken. (I know, sad!) On Saturday no one was in line so the Easter Bunny got up and came over to my kids to say hello. I told Rob to take a pic with his iPhone but he felt bad so he wouldn't. It was too cute though - the EB was touching Scotty's cheeks with his furry hand and Scotty had the biggest smile on his face.

I want to read your book too!

Hancocks said...

Super cute picture! I love it!