Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Birthday

After Noah's friend party we went to CPK to celebrate with Grandpa Rich, Grandma Jody, Aunt Patrice, Aunt Lisa, Nana and Papa. Noah loves CPK's mac and cheese. Noah was spoiled rotten as usual. We can't wait to be with them in Hawaii!!!

Grandma Jody was sick ALL last week the boys were happy to see her feeling better.

Papa Rich, Jeff and Ryder

Turtles...I think we have an obsession on our hands!!

Aunt Patrice...always makes sure she gets exactly what the boys LOVE!!

Nana and Papa gave Noah a book that had money hidden inside...it was such a cute gift.

Seriously will we ever get a decent family photo??

The gang!

Noah missed out on our usual breakfast in bed because he was up WAY before everyone else. But he didn't seem to care. He opened up his present from us I found some more TMNT dress up things at ROSS seriously love that place. He was so excited to dress up.

Grammy, Grampy, Leslie and Michael came down and went to church with us and afterwards came over to celebrate one more time!!

Noah with the gang.

Grammy, Grampy and Noah!

Noah decided to take up photography....note there were about fifty pictures...I will spare you!!



cari said...

That is a whole lot of partying for one little guy! I hope you guys had fun yesterday at dland too!

Wells Family said...

Where's Jeff in his costume?

Hancocks said...

How fun! Birthdays are the best with family!

karin said...

I am assuming there will be a separate post for Disneyland.

You know me, I love birthday celebrations, especially when they get as excited as Noah.

Bethany said...

I love that mac n cheese at CPK! I make my kids order it so I can eat it - YUM! Happy Birthday to Noah, again. :<)