Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party Numero Uno....

As we already know we celebrate Birthday weeks around here. Yesterday We had a Ninja Turtle themed birthday party for Noah and his friends. He was so excited for this party and literally has been talking about it for weeks. I had grand plans and wanted to do all these things but realized that over stimulating three and four year olds probably would be bad. The party was a little too long but I think the kids had a good time I know Noah did especially since he woke up asking to do it all over again.
Thank you thank you Bethany for the fabulous party ideas!

Sawyer destroyed half of the cupcakes. Luckily we had enough for the kids!

I would say that the pinata was the biggest hit. The kids LOVED it. Here is Jack taking his turn....don't tell him I got his photo he hates getting his picture taken.

They were enjoying their pizza and juice boxes.

Noah loved his party. Thanks friends for coming and celebrating....and you better believe there is more birthday posts ahead!!


karin said...

I am glad we are not the only one with birthday weeks. The boys had a great time and I was even informed that they were not allowed inside, which I was relieved about. Seriously, 10 two to five year olds inside-- no thank you. Thanks for letting my boys live vicariously through Noah. Oh, my oldest wore the headband for HOURS.

Bethany said...

Jack is still talking about the party and asking if he can go to Noah's next birthday party. Thanks for having him! And thanks for taking a picture of him!! :<) Happy Birthday to Noah!

Darci said...

I love the ties on their heads. So Ninja like. Happy Birthday Noah!!!!

ps love the new family photo

Aaron Shaw said...

Cool Party. I wish I could have come. Go Ninja Turtles. They are so cool!!!

Hancocks said...

Cute party!! Lacey went to Robby's TMNT party way back when and had a blast! I'm glad your boys did too!