Monday, April 6, 2009

EGGciting Day

We had a great weekend....of course they are NEVER long enough especially when Jeff works ALL day on Saturday. We went to Temecula for conference. Nothing like being spiritually fed.

This morning I woke up with the grumps....serious grumps and it didn't help that my family was on a mission to make it even worst. But I got up and did. I took the boys to an easter egg hunt with all our friends. As always the boys had fun and loved the egg hunt. I didn't last long at the park because it was HOT and there were just too many BIG kids....Sawyer is no fun to chase when the park is crowded. So we bailed.
I enjoyed a quiet afternoon until Ryder decided to for go his nap to play with me. Don't tell him but I liked it. I like the fun moments with my baby.

After our "Opening Day" dinner (more to come on that) we dyed easter eggs. The boys had fun with the stickers I think they may have been the best part.

(don't worry that is green beans not green boogers. I guess that is nasty either way)

I love my little family and all the fun that comes with these crazy boys. My grumpy day turned out fun....I guess it is attitude.


Bethany said...

why were you so grumpy? you guys had an "eggciting" day! lots of fun! I look forawrd to your party that you're planning for next month!! Hopefully we see you tomorrow at the park!

The Four on Board said...

oh my gosh i love the boys with shaved heads!!!! i also love the bottom picture of Ryder. I think its his best picture yet!!! I just want to PINCH his cheeks!

Hancocks said...

How fun with the egg hunt! I sure miss doing stuff like that with everybody! Utah people are lame when it comes to getting out and socializing!