Friday, April 10, 2009

Easiest decision of my life!

First let me say I am not writing this to offend those of you who have made different choices in your own life...this is simply what works for us and finally getting a little recognition from a credible source.

Like I said in my previous post I had just gotten this new book...I have about fifty more pages but I am just exploding to talk about it. IF you are an At Home Mom.....go buy this book. Don't wait for the library this is a book you are going to want on your shelf in the years ahead. Heck tell your hubby you want it for Mother's Day.

When I got pregnant with Noah Jeff and I didn't even need to have any conversation about the possibility of me working it simply wasn't an option. I am so grateful that we had that understanding and that I have a WONDERFUL husband who supports that decision and even in our hardest of times has not asked me to do so. We have made MANY sacrifices like so many others to make this happen. I would not trade it for the world I would rather rent a house for the rest of my life if it means I can be here for our children....I didn't have these boys so that someone else could raise them. Dr. Laura does talk about those who have to work and how important it is to do so not durning the hours when your children need mothering. And really they are only little for so long once they are in school I will have many hours to fulfill jobs or things I have always wanted to do.

I know I couldn't handle it if I missed the daily moments, the little milestones that happen every day in my children's lives. Not to mention the daily chances to teach my children the values that we as a family feel important.

Now it wouldn't be a Dr. Laura book with out her bringing you down to earth. And she has a few chapters about being the kind of wife your husband needs. The importance of not one upping each other and not being a brat when it comes to complaining to your hubby about your seemingly hard day. Something I am so beyond guilty of especially this time of year.

While this is often the most selfless job with out a pay check it is easy to discount the importance of it.

I am so grateful to Jeff for working so hard to insure that I can stay home and raise our boys. I am so lucky...and even on the days when I want to lock myself in the bathroom I have it good. There are many many mothers out there who have to struggle with this situation who have husbands that don't value these same things.

I used to watch a little boy when I had Noah and I thought I loved that kid....really I liked him a lot and I like to think that we were good to him....but I also know that no matter how much I cuddled and loved him, it is in no way compared to that of his own mother.

I wouldn't take this away from my kids for anything. I love every moment with them....even the crazy hectic ones.

Now really I hope you mothers read this book and I hope enjoy your time with your children. I already feel like these young years are going by way to fast. I can't believe I almost have a four year old.
I hope that I have not offended anyone with my insights and comments about this book. And those that are my friends that is why I love you because we can be different and still be friends.
(Also know if you disagree and choose to leave me a nasty comment I will delete it. And I will show you courtesy when you blog about things that I don't always agree with it by not leaving mean comments.)
And if you hung to the end.....come over and I will give you a cookie because you deserve one!!!


karin said...

Do you really have cookies?

I feel the same way and I know moms who don't. But an opinion is an opinion and everyone has the right to have their own.

Ryan and Missy- said...

Coming over soon for my cookie! :)

Darci said...

I agree and it is hard to not complain sometimes to Brett about how hard it is when I know his job is harder, but I will try to stop!

The Four on Board said...

cookie please :)!

Larsens said...

Hi Abby! I just found you through Kellys blog..I love this post! I just watched Dr. Lauras interview with Larry King and was impressed to go buy the book. I share the same feelings about motherhood and think that any source that empoweres stay at home mothers should be promoted in the most positive light. Thanks for your insight. I am going to ask Jake for this book for Mothers Day.

What kind of cookies?(:
Angela Larsen

Bethany said...

First of all, well done! I would love to borrow your book if you are willing to lend it out! I loved the part about getting other things done when your kids are older. It made me feel better about their scrap books I haven't touched in 3 1/2 years!! Ordered the pictures, but they're still in the box they were shipped in - un-opened!!

Second, this is your blog. You can write whatever you want. It is inevetible that you will offend someone. You're just expressing your feelings! Way to go!

And really, what's this about cookies?

Katie Anderson said...

I loved the post and can't wait to read the book. I seriously could go on for too long about this will probably be getting an e-mail from me:) I think it's great that there are women who can stand together and support one another in their roles. We are sometimes tricked into feeling inadequate and ashamed because of what we do and what we do is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB!!!

Katie Anderson said...

I forgot the most important part....

What cookies???

Heather said...

I listen to dr. laura all the time...but I didn't feel like I needed the book - because I'm pretty content as a SAHM. But after reading your post...I'm ready to get the book! I think you should get royalties for selling her book!

Aaron Shaw said...

I will collect my cookie when I come back someday!!!

Hancocks said...

Amen sister! I think stay-at-home moms get a bad rap sometimes. It's hard, but definitely worth it! Wish I lived closer for some of those cookies! :)