Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday....(It's back!)

Thats right I need a dose of some thankfulness. Or maybe I just want to blog.
This week I am thankful for.....

* has been a staple the past few days
*A back yard (with lots of dirt) yes I just said that but my kids have spent two day getting distuigstingly dirty but they have been happy.
*Organizing blogs....I have been lots of great ideas on getting organized. And really maybe I will implement them.
*Facebook Tetris I am addicted (enough said)
*Disneyland! (Enough said)
*11:30 church it is much more managable for my kids as long as we bring a mini snack lunch.
*My new glasses...I am still getting used to them but I like them.
*Funny kids...really one of these days I need to do a post about the funny things they say to us.
*Jeff...he has been REALLY sick and I am not the best nurse. (sorry hun) But I am thankful that he works so hard even when he is really not feeling so well.

I am so lucky and could go on for years here but be thankful all and happy Thursday!! And tomorrow is FINALLY Friday Wahoo!!


Darci said...

Glad that Thankful Thursday's are back! I total feel you on the organization front, I have been in a frenzy.

karin said...

I want new glasses. I have been thankful for Tylenol, our new church time, Disneyland (of course), and I really need to get organized but I want to buy so many things to get there.

Hancocks said...

It's great to remember what we're thankful for isn't it? I have to remind myself all the time!!!!