Monday, September 17, 2012

Are you crazy?!

Can I just say that I get this question at least once a day. The funny thing is often I get it when I don't even have all the kids with me!! But yes I do feel crazy on most days. But don't all mothers?! Whether you have one or ten I think every mom has those moments of complete crazy. Mine probably happen daily.
People ask me ALL the time how I or we do it. I'm starting to think I need to write a book....the what your mom never told you guide to little people and pregnancy. Because every person who writes a book is an expert right?!

I will admit that life before schools and schedules was a dream. I thought those days were rough with three boys under three but wow I miss the days of sitting in my PJ's and cleaning organizing. Now it's an hour here an hour there I feel like I can't get anythng done! I start a project then have to pick up someone drive someone to something and what not. It is crazy.

What gets me through? Diet coke...chocolate and nap time. (not for me....heaven knows I could use one but for the little people)

I keep thinking how fast time goes. As we get invites for weddings graduations of friends and family who were the age Noah is now when Jeff and I got married. It is crazy how fast time is going. It breaks my heart a little. What I wouldn't get for the good old days of sitting at the park all day!!

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karin said...

I know! Isn't funny how you usually get that when you just have 2...or even just one and you are prego :)

I miss those days too. So do my boys, they were just talking about "remember when we would go to the park and Noah was there"