Tuesday, September 18, 2012

18 Months!!

Who stole my baby baby. I can't believe that Rhys is 18 months already. He is a dream baby. Sleeps great, eats like a champ and really is all around mellow. I wish I could guarantee this next one to be just like him.

He is finally walking/running. He thinks he is hot stuff now. He loves to pull everything out of the cupboard an eat all the cereal. We are going to be getting out the baby locks this weekend because he is into everything.

He is now official in nursery. He has been going for the last month with Aunt Heidi since she is the nursery leader. He loves it and has fun playing with the bigger kids. He so badly wants to do all the things his brothers do!!

He is such a cuddle bug and loves his blanket and to suck his thumb!!

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