Saturday, May 21, 2011


Thursday evening I was making dinner and talking to Jeff like I do every night when Noah ran in to tell me Sawyer had hurt is arm really bad. I knew as soon as I heard him that it was bad. This cry was so much different than his usual cry.
We determined that him and Noah were playing on the trampoline wrestling Noah landed right on his elbow.
Noah felt really bad. We have since turned him into Sawyer's personal slave.
About 1 hour later he still wasn't using it and still crying and being really upset. We decided to take him down to the ER for an X-Ray.

After about 2 hours we finally got him in a room he finally stopped crying once we found wipeout on TV.
He had to take two sets of X-Rays. It was so sad he was in so much pain and just screamed.

Finally about 5 hours later we were on our way home with a temporary cast. The x-rays didn't show a break but that is common with the elbow and given how much pain he is in they are treating like a break.

They told us to call an orthopedic office on Friday to make an appointment to follow up.

We had an appointment for Monday but given how much pain he was in we really wanted to get him in before the weekend. After Many many phone calls Jeff got him in Friday afternoon.

They decided it was better to give him a cast so that he would heal quicker and not cause any more damage. He chose a blue cast.....

He has done better today with round the clock motrin.

What I learned....
Don't go to the ER for a possible broken bone you will wait 10x longer and they will just send to an orthopedic. I am not looking forward to that bill.

It is the worst possible thing to watch your child suffer. It breaks your heart in the worst way.

So glad the worst is over and it could have been so much worse!!

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karin said...

Poor Sawyer! Love that Noah is his slave. Thank goodness for Wipeout. All my boys love that show. I love the blue cast.

Wells Family said...

Poor little guy! Is the cast a waterproof one. With TIff's kids broken arms they were able to get the cast wet, which I thought was so cool. Give him hugs for us.