Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Jeff and I have NEVER carved a pumpkin in our married life. In fact the last time I carved one was probably in high school. Noah has been asking about carving this year so we decided to go for it. We only did one pumpkin....more than enough if you ask me.

The boys really were in and out of the room the entire time and coul care less but they had fun taking pictures......

Even I got in on the action.....I am FAR too much of a perfectionist and I want it to look a certain way so needless to say it drives me crazy when it doesn't come out perfectly.

I can't find the finished product I will have to check the memory card again. It was fine to start a new tradition. Especially now that Noah and Sawyer are so into it!

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Cassie said...

your nails look gorgeous! That is the first thing i noticed! How do you keep those up with all the boys!?