Monday, November 22, 2010

Sawyer's Feast

Sawyer had a Thanksgiving party at school last week. He is so funny I wasn't driving to school that day he was going with our carpool friend Emma. I asked him before he left if he wanted me to come see him sing songs. He told me yes......Once I got there he was NOT happy to see me. He cried and was NOT happy to not be going home with Emma. I was sad because singing and performing is his FAVORITE part of school. I am sad I ruined it for him that day. But I am sure he would have been upset if I hadn't shown up. You just can't win with the three year old.

Sawyer has been giving me a lot of challenges lately. He has a really hard time listening. He is so cute and cuddly but can be such a stink bug sometimes! He is so SMART!!!! Definitely too smart for his own good.

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from his school they told me that he had an accident and wanted me to come get him. It wasn't my day to drive but it sounded like he wanted me to come so I did. I get down to the school and he wasn't wet maybe a teeny tiny bit. When he got in the car he was like did you bring me McDonalds? I was like seriously?? I asked him about it and why he told them he was wet and he was like I wanted you to take me to lunch. I was trying not to laugh. I mean serioulsy what three year old comes up with that.

Another thing he did this week was on the way home from the Thanksgiving party he mashed up a couple of gold coin chocolates and had rubbed them all over his hands and face. When I looked up in the mirror while driving I was like oh my goodness Sawyer why would you waste all that yummy chocolate....he said I told you I wanted to go home with Emma. Seriously kid.....your killing me.

It is so crazy to me how quickly the sweet cute loving boy can switch to a firey temper. The things he says are just hilarious.

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