Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Sick of Halloween pictures yet??? Well here is the end......I PROMISE!! Costume change.....the boys had lots to choose from this year. Sawyer was the only one who stuck with the cowboy each time.....He LOVES his cowboy boots!!!

Spiderman, Jedi and cowboy. (Spiderman was my favorite he looked so cute in the puffy outfit)

Saturday night we hit up the combined ward Trunk or Treat. The boys loved it especially since it was combined with our old ward so the boys had fun seeing there old friends who we don't see as often. Rob and Shannon had Grandpa Rich and Grandma Jody's car all decked out. I wish I had gotten a picture!!
Baby Kaitlyn was a cute butterfly.......

I love that Jeff will dress up with me I think it is fun.....I was a witch even though I never got a picture of it.......

The boys are still flying high from all the sugar. I am thinking about offering them each 5 dollars for there candy and getting rid of it....I just want it out of here now!

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Aubrey Leong said...

My kid's candy was confiscated Sunday night. My kids weren't super happy about that haha :) {i'm such a mean mom}