Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin City

Sawyer's preschool class was scheduled to go to Pumpkin City a week earlier but with all the rain they had to cancel. Lucky for me I was able to go on the makeup day. I told Sawyer that I was going to meet his class at the pumpkin patch while we were eating breakfast. He told me in his wonderful three year old spunk....that he didn't want me to go and that I wasn't allowed. I was tempted to not go at all. But decided I better still go. Luckily I did Mrs. Sims said he was very excited for me to come and was talking about it all morning.....gotta love our Sawyer SO sweet yet SO sour. The kids LOVED looking at the animals, the pigs and ducks were definitely a favorite.

Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Shultz had these great coupons to use that got the kids each a ride and a pumpkin. Unfortunately they had expired by ONE day. The people at Pumpkin City were SO rude it was really a bummer because it totally turned me of to giving them any business. I offered to go pick up pumpkins at Trader Joes so we didn't waste any more money at Pumpkin City.

Mrs. Sims got all the kids tickets for the train....even Ryder they were so cute. A few of the kids were a little hesitant but had a great time!

Sawyer kept telling me he needed his sunglasses......

This age really is so cute......the kids are SO funny.

Sawyer had so much fun and I am so glad that Ryder and I got to go hang out with him!!!

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The Four on Board said...

you would think that they would have honored the coupons because of all the rainy season days.....oh well they probably got such less business this year...they deserve it! pooey!