Sunday, October 10, 2010

14 Weeks

Okay so with all the other pregnancies I never wrote things down I never took pictures. But this time because this is my last pregnancy I am feeling like I need/want to document everything.
So they say that with every pregnancy you pop out faster feel the baby earlier all that stuff.....and that is SO true with this one. I think part of it is I have never been this thin so I think I am noticing things earlier. Even with Noah I was 60 pounds heavier at the start of my pregnancy.....SO glad to not be carrying that around for the first time!!

So here I am at 14 weeks! Mind you this is after a huge salad at Cafe Rio. I don't feel like I look this pregnant every day but some days it is. Must depend on what I am wearing.
(excuse the poor quality photo taken with my phone I promise I will take a better one!)
This baby has already given me a few heart attacks and I am not even half way! We were worried this week......the baby was testing positive for Down Syndrome. But after a second ultrasound with a specialist everything looks good. But we were pretty worried for a few days. Also the good that came of seeing the specialist is that they are going to be keeping me on as a patient!! I have been so worried about finding a new dr. but this group is a specialty group that only handles high risk mothers/babies. So since I am considered high risk because of preeclampsia, it looks like I will be in great hands.
Yesterday afternoon we found out that we are indeed having boy #4. I would be lying if I said I wasn't heart broken. I know that we will love and adore this boy but it was our final chance for a girl of our own. Sawyer and Jeff were the saddest at first Sawyer kept saying why did that lady change our baby I wanted a girl! That's when I lost it I cried, got angry and sad. (which I feel totally entitled too) But now I am excited. I have spent most of the day looking at cute things online to make for the new baby.
I have never decorated a room or gone all out and with this baby we are! I am so excited I want to make bedding and decorate the room. Plus I got rid of ALL our old baby boy clothes.....after three kids the stuff was NASTY. So it will be fun to start shopping again!! Also Jeff said I get to name this ONE!! He does get some veto power. But still we are making lists!!


Aubrey Leong said...

You look fabulous Abby!! Congrats on your boy...I was rooting for a girl for ya but you are going to be the cute mama of boys! I can't wait to see all the stuff you make. Make sure to post pictures!

The Four on Board said...

you do look amazing!!!! :)

Confessions of a Food Obsessed Girl said...

so excited for you! and dang gurl you lookin good ;)

Larsens said...

Those spirits are what they are before they join our families, so just take comfort in knowing that our families are by divine design. I never thought I would have 4 GIRLS!

Oh and you do look really great!

Holli said...

wow you look great! congrats on the boy :)

Casse.King said...

i'm happy the test turned out to be wrong. congrats on the baby. you look great!!

Unknown said...

Dude you look hot Abby! So happy for you!

Cassie said...

abby you will be a great soccer mom!!! I can totally see you at a game all decked out! I think those four boys of yours are lucky to have you as a mom! I sort of know how you feel, I would love a boy!!! But we will still have a few more kids so maybe....You look absolutely great by the way!!