Friday, September 24, 2010

A little of this and that

WOW having a kid in school really puts on a whole new spin to Friday's. I have always loved the weekend it is a welcome break but now it means no schedule and no school. I am starting to get why parents enjoy breaks just as much as the kids.
I feel like this whole school thing has turned me into a new mom or rather I feel like I am a real mom now. It is weird but it feels like such a rite of passage.
I made dinner twice this real good yummy dinners. If you know my life the last few weeks it has been survival mode around here but it was so nice to have an appetite and a little energy.
I decided to request Later Gator for Noah which I am SO thrilled about. I wanted to put him in with the kids in our ward who will all go early because they have siblings but I just think the 10:00 time is going to be SO nice for one more year.
My favorite thing this week or for the last month..........the Bounce Dryer bar. Seriously try it. It is SO nice to not have to worry about a dryer sheet and our clothes smell better than just with the dryer sheets.
On the baby front....we are progressing....slowly. But I am 12 weeks. I sadly found out this week that I have to switch drs. which seriously has me SOOOOO upset. I LOVE my Dr. The plan is to go in two weeks for some more tests and I will hopefully get some good recommendations from him for a new dr. seriously I could cry just thinking about it. Baby is a wiggler they did an ultrasound and the little gummy bear was all over the place. The dr. is worried about my thyroid that is currently VERY overactive so he is going to check it again in two weeks and hopefully it was just all the first trimester hormones.
That's us in an extremely random post......I am behind but the camera is in the car and I am too lazy to go find it.


Jamie said...

Wait! Who was your doctor? Why do you have to change?

Aubrey Leong said...

I SO know what you mean about the weekends and schedule and feeling like a real mom haha. It is kind of wierd...and great!