Monday, September 27, 2010

Sawyer's BIG day

Sawyer has been waiting MONTHS to start preschool. He has been so excited. He was thrilled to go and pick up his bucket and then decorate it with his favorite stickers like he has watched Noah the last two years. Every year Mrs. Sims has them bring something special to the first day of school, this day it was a heart that they decorated with pictures and there favorite things. Sawyer was sad that he couldn't bring it home but was very excited to see it hanging up on Thursday.
Thursday they read a story and made a cute puppet he has been obsessed with it ever since then he wanted to feed it string cheese and read books to Petals the puppet. Until Ryder ripped poor Petals.....Sawyer was devasted.
Sawyer says his favorite things are playing and painting. It is so going to be a great year!!


Unknown said...

Tell Sawyer I'm so glad he loves pre-school. He's getting to be such a big boy. Give the boys xoxoxo for me.

Darci said...

How fun for him! the bucket is such a cute thing.

shanda said...

so does that mean all of your kids are now in school? IF so way to go girl.