Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting kicked out of the nest......

The eternal summer finally ended! Monday I kicked my baby bird
out of our little nest and into the big bad world.
I can't even believe how big he is. I held it together at school.
It was a VERY surreal experience.

Due to CRAZY budget cuts this year the poor teachers weren't
even allowed into there classrooms until the morning of school.
So there was no meet and greet and no time for the teacher to
even introduce herself. Noah's school is trying something
different this year because enrollment is SO high.

There are 6 Kindergarten classes. Each class will have 35 students
the first two weeks they are all together. After the first two
weeks they will divide the class into early bird late bird half will
come from 8-11 and the other half will come10-1.

These amazing teachers have to assess all the 35 students in these next two
weeks so they can configure the classes.
So it felt like he was literally ripped from my womb.
It is still freaking me out that I haven't had a chance to talk with
the teacher. I am REALLY looking forward to back to school night
next week. I can't wait to get in there and help as MUCH as I can.

I feel SO bad for these poor teachers and all that they are having to deal with.
I don't know how Mrs. Meyers can assess and take care of 35 kids.
They are AMAZING!!!
Noah went right in without another thought. He is so good that way.
He is enjoying his new class and his teacher Mrs. Meyers.
He apparently is 1 of 3 Noah's in his class. Poor kid.
I realize I sound like a crazy control freak. I am just so used to having it done a certain
way so school is definitely going to take some getting to used to.
I just can't wait for this next week and hopefully we can get into a new schedule and routine!


The Four on Board said...

strange, very strange. i dont get how the budget cuts effected the teacher going into her classroom though!! i can go into my classroom any of the 365 days. I may not be paid, but i can at least go sad! im glad no one shed tears! big boy Noah! thanks to the shout out for teachers.....i firsthand know that assessing 35 kids is a BIG DEAL that not a lot of people understand!!! so thanks!

karin said...

I agree with Sarah, that is strange and assessing kids is a big deal. I wish more assessing was done here. I don't think you sound controlling. He looks so grown up, how did that happen in less than 2 months?

Abby said...

Yes that is more what I meant Sarah. They are allowed in there classroom but didn't get paid until the first day of school. I can't imagine that be very motivating. I feel so bad for ANY teachers in California. It is SO sad. Our poor children. I love the school it just freaks me out a little bc I A know nothing I don't know how they do it and the poor office staff was furloughed the week before school. It seriously makes me so mad for all of them!! Kudos to you Sarah seriously!!!! I am amazed!!

Darci said...

So fun and scary for you that he started Kindergarten!!! Now it will seem like school never ends. lol