Saturday, April 17, 2010

We made it!

I was thinking that this Tax season was cake until the last two weeks. It was an exhausting few weeks. But we all survived and are enjoying some family fun this weekend.

Thursday Jeff got off early.......last minute we decided to surprised the boys with a trip to Disneyland. These are in reverse order......Our new favorite thing is to take the train around Disneyland on our way sure beats walking down main street.

They will find any weapon.....while waiting for Churros......I must say I have been disappointed as of late with the churros but we had great ones this worth the extra calories!

Captain EO was a huge hit. The boys loved it. Although Noah was a little confused to why the didn't sing real Michael Jackson songs. I on the other hand didn't get it. It was fun and the dancing of course was amazing.....but really there is no story....and I could have done without the new moving theater. I'm just saying.....I know I know buzz kill.

We first headed over to California Adventure and let Noah ride on the Tower of Terror. I was waiting at the exit and saw so many kids coming out screaming I was worried that Noah was going to freak out. But he loved it. He has absolutely no fear when it comes to roller coasters and such.

Later though I came walking out of the bathroom and Noah was crying and all upset and this lady and Jeff were busting up. He was freaking out and wanted to know what happened to the people who got stuck in the Twilight Zone. He was not happy with any of the answers we gave him. It was really funny/sad.

I threw all caution to the wind this week. The boys had fun getting messy and playing....I was in pure survival mode and let them trash the place just to get to bed time! I am so glad it is over and so glad to have a husband/ and a mom again......seriously one of them is going to have to change professions. I felt abandoned. BUT we survived!!



karin said...

Glad you survived. I wish I would have helped with year.
We have been riding the train around the park too, it counts as another ride right?
I didn't love Captain EO back in the day so I probably won't love it now. Tower of Terror is not my favorite ride, I volunteer to stay with stay kids when we meet people there. Too funny about Noah being so upset.
Glad you had a great time and that you are getting your husband back.

Darci said...

YAY!!!! So happy for you. I was not impressed with Captain EO either. Brett was cracking up at my laughter at how old school it was and dumb.

shanda said...

I know tax season sucks.

Aaron Shaw said...


Bethany said...

You survived! Haven't been to the new Captain EO. Guess I better go today. :<)
Happy Birthday to Noah!!